The main room of the Rufty-Tufty Inn(stage, bar and sw)

Dark and dingy, the Rufty-Tufty Inn is hardly considered the home of Gondor's elite. Patronized by the farmers and peasantry of Calembel, this dungeon-like tavern is constructed out of aged wood and stone walls. Shields are hung on nails on the walls, as mementos of battles past. Tables are scattered about the room, and to the north you see a small stage area, made out of rickety old wood. To the west, you see two small booths. To the east, you see a bar, and the usual menu listing the house specialties.
The southwest door is closed.
The only obvious exits are stage, bar and southwest.
You are standing in the main room of the Rufty-Tufty Inn.
About you, you can see:
At the main room of the Rufty-Tufty Inn:
A silent man nurses his drink { sitting }
A elderly man is here, drinking away his woes { sitting }
At the bar of the Rufty Tufty:
Atli, the barkeep
A trash can