Council Room of the Lord of Dol Amroth(s, u and e)

This is the Lord of Dol Amroth's council hall. A large, circular table with more than a dozen chairs around it fills the center of the room. Along the western wall sit two scribes' desks; it appears this chamber is an administration center as well as a meeting room. A large, intricately-painted map of Belfalas covers the entire north wall. The Ship and Silver Swan banner of Dol Amroth hangs prominently on the west wall between the scribes' desks. A plush, hand-woven rug covers most of the stone floor.
The south door is open.
The up door is closed.
The east door is open.
The only obvious exits are south, up and east.
A short scribe taps his quill on a piece of parchment
A sergeant of the guard
A castle guard
Guard glances at you curiously.