The Entry Hall for the Knights of Dol Amroth(nw, u, n, e and ne)

This is the Grand Entry Hall of the Knights of Dol Amroth. This room seems exceedingly large, though that is because of the scarcity of furniture. The center of the room has been cleared, leaving a large walking area. The floor is made of polished flagstone, which is mostly covered by a large, thick circular carpet. Though the stone walls are dull and grey, they are adorned with several tapestries and a few paintings. The lack of windows on this floor prompts the necessary use of torches, which ring the room, as well as the use of a fireplace that rests against the western wall. Closer to the southern wall, you spy a wooden desk manned by a busy scribe. As you note a nearby guard, you realize that though the Dark Lord's forces threaten Minas Tirith, there remains a core group of men who still resolve to protect their treasured home.
The only obvious exits are northwest, up, north, east and northeast.
A scribe of Dol Amroth is sitting behind a desk
A knight of Dol Amroth stands guard
A stone fireplace (burning)