This is the castle stable, large enough to house a half-dozen or so horses. Three of the walls are grey stone, like most of the rest of the castle, but the north wall separating stable from courtyard is made of timber. Because of this, you get the impression the stable was added after the bulk of the castle was built. A high, peaked roof leaves room underneath for a hay loft; the ladder up to the loft is built into one wall. Stalls line the side walls. Tack hangs from pegs in the back. Long, low water troughs run along the side walls through all the stalls. A hitching post near the front of the stable allows saddled horses to be tied up for brief periods. A few stools sit in the center of the stable for the stable hands.
The north door is open.
The only obvious exit is north.
A husky stable boy
A thin stable boy
A hitching post
A beautiful dark roan horse
A jet-black war horse