Durmanhoth Guild Armoury(e)

This eerie room is barely lit with a few torches along the walls. The rug is damp with many stains of blood and remnants of bone from kills. There are some old broken weapons and scraps of armour thrown off to the sides. You can see weapon racks against the walls, and a number of armour hooks have also been placed around the room. Along the north wall is a grim tapestry hung in honor of the guild and there are several benches to rest and relax on before heading out to hunt. A small wooden sign hangs on the wall.
The room is stuffed full.
The only obvious exit is east.
A crystal
A dwarven deathmask (mended)
A finely-shaped pearl carapace [2]
A simple sheepskin sheath
A magnificent engraved longsword (sharpened)
A many-tailed whip
A dwarven mining pack
A bloodstained cloak
A dwarven war shield (mended) [2]
A dwarven warhammer [2]
A sapphire sword
A large harvester's pack (open)
A pair of mail pants (mended)
A finely-shaped pearl carapace (mended)
A laundry basket [4]
Tower Guard's helmet
A dwarven war shield
An Orc courier pack
Dharkaron, the Armourer