The Durmanhoth Boardroom(w, e and s)

This is the Durmanhoth's common council room. This is where guild members can come and read posted messages and discuss the mundane everyday sort of comments that might be expressed on the board. There is no need to fear eavesdropping from here on further into the guild hall...the guards out front assure this. The hard wood floor echoes your footsteps as you walk about the room inspecting it. Sofas and chairs adorn the floor in a circular shape around a medium sized tea table. This relaxed atmosphere makes discussions easier than a stuffy conference room. The walls too are made of hard wood, and numerous paintings adorn them. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling with lit candles to make reading easier on the eyes.
The only obvious exits are west, east and south.
Ethereal the dunlending Sorcerer (Angelic)
Ballot box
Durmanhoth's Private Board [22 notes]