The dungeon(library)

This room is cool and damp, encased in solid stone with no windows. A stench of sweat, blood, and decay permeates through your nostrils. Meager light emits from four black candles lit in the corners of the room, leaving you barely capable of seeing your surroundings. As your eyes adjust to the dim light, you see piles of bones, arms and legs chained to the walls around the room. In the center of the room lies a large dusty table filled with old, but razor sharp, instruments of torture. You cringe as you attempt to comprehend the pain and suffering inflicted upon the enemies of the Durmanhoth in this room in the years past. It appears, however, this room has not been used for several years, as the Durmanhoth have simply killed those so foolish as to defy them. On a short pedestal in a secluded corner of the room, you notice an ancient ledger.
The only obvious exit is library.
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