The Guildmaster room of Durmanhoth(e)

As you enter this dark and mysterious room, a feeling of awe nearly overcomes you. The fate of men's lives are decided regularly in this spacious room. The entire room bespeaks of silent efficiency and hidden shadows. You assume that its master must diligently maintain its order and upkeep with a great deal of passion. The darkly lit room has a large desk towards the west wall, and behind it sits a large thickly cushioned beautiful black leather recliner. The floor is carpeted with a lush red carpet with the guild's crest squarely placed in the middle. Tapestries adorn large portions of the walls, and the bare spots are filled by shelves of books. Several other chairs sit in front of the desk for Raqtor's audience to sit in. A small, wooden sign is nailed to the wall.
You notice a small glass case sitting on one of the shelves.
The east door is closed.
The only obvious exit is east.
A guildmaster's planning desk
Guildmaster communications board [28 notes]