Honour Room of the Durmanhoth(s)

You enter the Durmanhoth's Honour Room. This room is the embodiment of the Durmanhoth in all its gruesome glory, and it commemorates some of the most notable events and assassins in its rich history. You glance around the eerily lit chamber, and only your years of digging around in other people's entrails prevent you from gagging as you behold the hundreds of humanoid skulls used to pave the floor and walls. Slow, thick rivulets of dark blood trickle out of the eyesockets, as if the dead were weeping for their desecrate fate, for their souls can find no solace here. The blood streams down the walls and drains into a large hole set into the floor beneath the centerpoint of the domed ceiling, illuminated from below with a putrid green light. At the opposite end of the room stands a ceremonial altar, with a glowing firepit in the center, and above that is mounted a large board, listing the greatest of assassins. Along the west wall hang several tapestries depicting some of the more daring and illustrious assassinations, and a leather ledger stands on a pedestal before them. The east wall contains a large, old scroll that hangs to the ground.
The only obvious exit is south.
A statue of Deadlok