The Durmanhoth Library(n and d)

As you enter this large hall an overwhelming sense of power seeps through to the very core of your soul. This is the Durmanhoth library, where recordings are kept of the many great assassins and their achievements. The room is dimly lit by candles ensconced along the walls as well as two large chandeliers placed at either end of the room.

Glancing upwards you realize the chandeliers are illuminating a gigantic mural which spans across the entirety of the ceiling. The walls are made of the blackest marble and shimmer slightly in the pale candlelight which illuminates the room. Several large bookcases line the walls holding the secrets of the killers who have walked these halls over the centuries. Sofas and chairs are spread throughout the room, and a small desk covered with several parchments and tomes rests in one corner. A scribe toils endlessly at the desk, transcribing lurid tales of flawless assassinations into a large leather-bound book.

At the end of the room a large painting adorns the back wall. Underneath, an elaborate golden stand holds an ancient tome bound in black leather, a single candle nearby illuminating its pages. Perhaps you should take a closer look?
The only obvious exits are north and down.