Dark Haven - the Assassin's Tavern(w and s)

As you enter the Assassin's Tavern you are suddenly overcome by the strong aroma of fine pipe weed. There are two torches on either side of the door which flicker as if disturbed as you enter. A floor of black marble and the walls echo your footsteps menacingly. Tapestries depicting battle scenes adorn the walls. Two oversized black candles cast light on a huge mural on the north wall, and the guild's crest is masterfully painted on the ceiling. The bar is illuminated by a grand chandelier. The east wall contains a fireplace with a massive stuffed head of an Oliphaunt mounted above the mantle. You see a few dark figures lounging at a couple of the tables, involved in various nefarious activities. Hanging from a shelf above the bar are various drinking cups, mugs, and glasses. Pipes and numerous barrels of leaf are along the right hand side of the bar. A polished menu sits at the end of the bar. As you marvel at all the various fixtures, yet another beautiful sight catches your attention -- the barkeep.
The only obvious exits are west and south.
A trash can
A large marble fireplace
Sonya the bartender