A weaponsmith's room(e and w)

This is the room of a smith. One corner of the room is taken up by a gigantic furnace, which is currently full of coals and glowing red. You can see the air shimmer around the furnace from the intense heat. Even though you stand well away, the heat is so searing that you are uncomfortable nonetheless. You are somewhat worried about this heat, since the entire building is made of wood, except for the immediate area around the furnace. Huge double doors leading outside and a pair of windows allow some of the heat to escape. It is still hot enough to make you sweat. In the middle of the room is an anvil, which rests on a metal table. On the sides of the table are several slots holding various tools, which are used to shape the heated metals. Along one wall is what appears to be storage for spare metal, for there are dozens of metal rods and sheets stacked up, waiting to be used. The floor is covered with small bits of metal as though you were walking on metallic gravel.
The west door is open.
The only obvious exits are east and west.
A weaponsmith is here working on a blade, and muttering to himself