A large boatmaking warehouse(n and e)

The water murmurs quietly as it moves through the center of this warehouse, in a deep channel about five yards in width. On either side are two large areas used for mending and making boats, which have doors leading north to the city. Rickety wooden catwalks cross the channel from above, in order to move items from one side of the building to the other. The channel runs north-south through the building, leading from a tunnel to the north that extends to the Market Pool, to another tunnel to the south which runs under the quays and out to the Long Lake. Small to medium sized boats, suitable for river traveling, can be pushed up the tunnel and docked here for repairs. Or, they can continue northward and enter the Market Pool to the north.
The north door is closed.
There is water to the west and channel.
The only obvious exits are north and east.