Outside the steam hut(e, hut and n)

You are outside the council room, in an outdoor alcove that is still surrounded by Guild walls. There is a carefully tended lawn here, surrounding a wooden platform upon which the steam hut resides. The wooden plank floor supporting the hut is completely wet from the showers you see suspended high on the walls of the steam hut. Hung on the walls of the hut are towels made of animal hide, which have been specially cured to be quite absorbent. These are used by the adventurers who visit the Guild steam room to relax in the warm, humid air. A huge box stands on one corner of the platform, and in it you can find many items left by people who are in the hut. A servant sweats delicately as she tends to the wet branches she uses to create the humidity in the chamber. She is standing near the box and making sure no one enters the small building with their shoes or clothes on.
The only obvious exits are east, hut and north.
Sinduilas, a merry servant is here
A huge iron chest