Rimsilval bar(w)

You have just entered the Rimsilval bar, run by Ithlion. A smile comes across your face as a wave of laughter washes over you. Your heart is lightened and the weariness in your step is lifted as you hear songs of valor and tales of recent adventures emanating from the booths and tables. A mighty ROAR erupts as guild members see you enter the room. The bar is given a nice informal and airy feel by its large open windows and low cut walls. The three foot wide piece of dark polished wood that is Ithlion's bar, is situated at the northern end of the room. Booths line the outside walls of the bar, with tables scattered around the room. The room is lighted by several lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Ithlion greets you as you belly up to the bar. You see a menu on the wall behind Ithlion.
The only obvious exit is west.
Etrius Ferenczy the sindar Lord (Hand of Esko)
Konj the dwarf
Agrun Naggar the dunlending Archmage (Angelic)
Gazza Tinywood the hobbit Archmage (Villainous)
A bottle of Thain beer [209]
A set of panniers (open) [2]
A piece of note paper
A trash can
Ithlion the barkeeper