Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you make your maps?
A: Microsoft Notepad and Paint, nothing more. Have a look at the source code if you like, there are no secrets.

Q: What browsers do your maps work with?
A: Pretty much all of them, I think. The only slightly exotic features are frames and imagemaps. No annoying flash or java here!

Q: My browser doesn't support imagemaps/frames. Can you make a version that doesn't need them?
A: Nope. Without frames or imagemaps, the whole point of the site would be nullified. Download a browser made this millenium; try Opera, Firefox, Netscape, OffByOne, or (if you really must) Internet Explorer.

Q: Do you need any help?
A: Coding the maps is much easier to do myself. But there are a couple of things I'd like help with:
+ Logging places that don't exist. For instance, if you have an old log of a destroyed guildhall you'd like to donate, I can turn it into a map for everybody to enjoy. Check out Necsipaal's log of the Durmanhoth guildhall; that log was perfect.
+ Artwork. I'm absolutely sodding useless at drawing, so I'd like to see pictures I could use as a background to the maps or the main page.

Q: Why white-on-black?
A: That's how I mud.

Q: I love your site! Can I pay you lots of money?
A: Thanks! Nope.

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