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Erwin's Interactive Maps of Arda

Welcome to my website! It looks great doesn't it?

Well no, actually it looks like shit, and I know this, so quit spamming me already. I have plans for it though. I'm currently looking for artwork to add as a very light-grey background to my maps. I'd also like to put a slightly nicer front page here, but I don't know how to do that, so if you're good at web languages and want to volunteer to help, let me know.

I also intend to put up a link page someday. I don't even link back to the MUD yet! Ah what the hell, here you go. If you want to see what the hell this site is all about, go here: The Two Towers MUD

Anyway, what the hell are you doing reading this crap? Get looking at the maps!

Frequently Asked Questions

Key to these maps


Bree Download

Bywater Download

Rivendell Download

Grey Havens Download

Adornas Download

Belegost Download


Edoras Download

Caras Galadhon Download

Thranduil's Kingdom Download

Dale Download

Esgaroth Download

Osgiliath Download

Erebor Download


Dol Amroth Download

Calembel Download


Durmanhoth Download

Rimsilval Download

Coming soon - I have abolutely no idea. Probably something I haven't already done. I'll have to tackle MT some day...


02/12/2004:Added an FAQ page.

27/11/2004: New host!!! Goodbye Fortunecity, I have my very own host now, NearlyFreeSpeech. So I don't have to put up with FC's crappy upload managers or their retarded file restrictions any more. Yay for real providers!

Old News

The maps above are finished. If there's a problem or a mistake, send me a tell, or mudmail me at erwin@lothlorien.

My aim was to finish off the travelto towns, and I've finally done it! I'll most likely be adding whatever towns I get lost in and have the urge to map, from now on. Tell or mail me any requests.

A few notes: I've included everything you can get to from "The only obvious exits are..." I'm NOT going to put quest maps in, don't even try to ask for those, and I'm not going to colour code huntbreaks or crap like that.

Todo list: Links page
Update Todo list.

Message of the day: Don't rub your eyes after handling curry powder.

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