The maps are easy enough, really, but I'll let you know what everything means for the sake of the terminally bewildered.

This is a map of a little-known place in Arda, called "Example" in the common tongue. I'd tell you how to get there, but it'd be quest info.

If you click on most rooms (no not those, that's just an example... *mutter*) you get the room description in the bottom right pane of your web browser.

There are a few special rooms, and some behave differently when you clicking them. Scroll down or click on a red and yellow box to see what each one doe.

[1] This is the main road through the town. Main roads are easy to spot because they are paved in grey. What I call a main road is somewhat arbitrary really.

[2] The link between these two squares is longer than most. This isn't for any game reason, it's just that it's got to be longer for the West Landing to fit; it doesn't mean anything.

[3] I haven't got a clue what this room is, the door was locked and I couldn't bash it. If you can get in it, I'd appreciate a mail of the brief and full room descriptions.

[4] This room is light blue. That means it's a shop. My interpretation of the word "shop" is a little loose; I was originally going to make every room where you can spend gold into a shop, but decided against it in favour of a much more elusive and elaborate scheme involving a combination of the first and last letters of the room name, the phase of the moon, and how hungry I am.

Cool! I haven't slept for ages, and now the room's starting to sway. This is fun!

[5] See the little down arrow in the orange box? If you click that, the map will be replaced by a map of the lower floor, with the room directly below in the same position as this room. (Beware, this messes up if you have scrollbars in this pane.)

[6] This room also has an arrow in an orange box, but the stairs at this end of the landing lead up.

[7] This room is right next to the shop, instead of having a linking line to it. This usually means that the directions between the cubby hole and the shop aren't standard neswud directions; in this case you go "hole" from the shop, and "out" from the hole. Sometimes these are a little more, or less, complicated, but if you go and check the place in real life they're all easy to figure out.

[8] The stairs in the Great Hall lead up to the balcony. But because it's just one room I couldn't be arsed making a whole new map, so I just put the balcony next to the Great Hall and linked them with a nice blue line. Note that the arrow boxes aren't orange, this means that you can't go up and down by clicking them (you'll just get the room description).

[9] This room is kinda yellowish. This room as such doesn't actually exist; the square links to a large area, the Tower, which has lots of floors each with several rooms. If you click the square a map of the tower will open up in the top right pane in your browser, which works exactly like the main map (although you hopefully won't be finding any yellow squares in the smaller map).

[10] Last one! The yellowy bar in the middle of this room leads to a little tent in the middle of the room. You can get the room description by clicking on the grey bits around the bar.

So there you go! Now go enjoy the real maps!

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