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10/11/2003: Erebor is done. At last, Erebor is done! That marks the last of the travelto towns (except Minas Tirith).
Note to self: Do not hire dwarves to design my summer house. They're clearly INSANE.

10/11/2003: I've also done Calembel, in South Gondor. A very cute town, shaped like a tortoise.

10/11/2003: Two guildhalls are also up. Ex guildhalls, that is, the Durmanhoth and Rimsilval guildhalls. Thanks to Gazza for letting me tour the Rimmies, and thanks to Necsipaal for having the sentiment to log her guildhall before leaving it for the last time.
If anybody has logs of any other old guildhalls, or even perhaps wants me to map their current hall, please mudmail me.

10/11/2003: I created a cool little icon for the page. Fortunecity won't let me upload it though; I have no idea why. They also don't allow .txt files...

10/11/2003: I moved the link to the Event 2003 map here, just to look at if you're interested. There's no point keeping it on the front page any more. The Event 2003 (tm)

15/3/2003: The Event (TM) 2003! The map of the Fifth Event (TM) is up now. Click here for the Event 2003 (TM)!

5/1/2003: My counter has passed 20,000! I never thought this would happen. When I made my page public, I thought if I was lucky I might have a few hundred hits before I gave up and pulled it down.
This is great guys! Well beyond any expectations I had. Many thanks for supporting me, and I hope you're all still here when I finally get Minas Tirith finished.

4/1/2003: I have updated Rivendell. The map itself is unchanged, but the top-left pane has a brief description of the area (courtesy of Mithgil). Desriptions for the other towns will follow.

2/1/2003: I moved the link to the Event 2002 map here, just to look at if you're interested. There's no point keeping it on the front page any more. The Event 2002 (tm)

2/1/2003: Yes, I did something to my map site! I finally got around to Osgiliath. It's got to be the quickest map I've ever made, because if I waited more than a few minutes the NPCs I'd just killed respawned and nearly killed me!

27/6/2002: If you use the map zips, check up on the main page or on the news page for updates. Whenever I upload an updated map from now on, I'll post the town name and the date so that you'll know it's been updated.

27/6/2002: Fortunecity do evil popup ads. They didn't used to, but they do now... There are ways around it though, click here for my reccomendations.

27/6/2002: I'm now linked to from the official T2T website! Yay!

27/6/2002: I created a news page! This will be used for, umm, news and that sort of thing. I'll put any new news on this front page, and when it gets old I'll archive it to the news page. Which probably makes it an olds page, really... but what the heck!

Marchish 2002: I've realised how excruciatingly slow these maps can be to download over a modem connection (like mine) just when you desperately need them. So now you can download zips of all my maps. Just click the "download" link below, and remember to extract them using folder names. Load up index.html in each zip. Don't let me see these anywhere else though; I've put a LOT of work into these, and I don't want to see somebody sticking them up somewhere else and trying to take credit for them. They ARE copyrighted.

Marchish 2002: Garkon tells me that my page appears on search engines! I've never posted it to a search engine so I don't know how it got there, but I think that's pretty cool!